Online Registration

Welcome to Sacred Heart Church! We are happy to have you here.

If you are interested in registering for the parish please fill out and submit this form. You could also print this out and mail it to:

Sacred Heart Rectory
10 Lawton Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10530

Please note that receiving your sacraments here in the past does not make you a registered member of the parish. You are not considered a registered member until you have been in weekly attendance and used your tithing envelopes for at least 6 months. Keep this in mind if you need a sponsor form or letter confirming that you are a parishioner of Sacred Heart. 

Please also note that if you have not been in attendance and using the weekly envelopes for 2 or more years, you will be removed from the system and you will have to register again.

    Section 1: Required Information

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    Section 2: Adult Information

    Are you married?

    Were you married in a Catholic church, in a civil service, or in another denominational church?

    If you are married, please fill out both the "Husband" and "Wife" sections. If you are single, please fill out one of the sections. You may leave the other section blank.


    Which Sacraments have you received within the Catholic Church?


    Which Sacraments have you received within the Catholic Church?

    Section 3: Children Information

    If you have children in your household, please fill out the following section. Adult children need not be listed. If you do not have children in your household, skip ahead to Section 4.

    Section 4: Parish Involvement

    Would you be interested in any of these ministries in our parish?